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We’re not marrying for survival, co-dependency, arrangement, or family finances like older generations did. We’re actually asking ourselves deep, profound, existential questions like: Do I actually love this person and can I see myself with this person forever. Also, the boomers and generation invented so many new Zeke Who That’s Who shirt with the free Love movement, Woodstock, Studio 54, and key parties, that we have to be a bit more selective. Also, the economy is bad, the cost of living skyrocketed and we’re trying to save the deeply damaged planet in between watching Netflix originals while remembering to take our antidepressants. So, there’s that.

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A sexually transmitted disease is Zeke Who That’s Who shirt through populations via individual carriers not invented. Furthermore: the economy has been bad for all sorts of people throughout human history. Other generations which existed prior to your own have dealt with inflation, environmental activism, and taking their antidepressants. So, there’s that.

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They are not the very first generation to ever ask them. However, they are focused more on it as a whole. Further, if you couldn’t tell that my use of the term “invented” was meant to be an exaggeration and not literal, then I’m not sure how else to break it down for you. The point is that the generations before us contributed to a marked rise in STDs, and mutations of previous Zeke Who That’s Who shirt into new and more serious versions. Next, we know that throughout human history, every civilized and established nation has had a fluctuating economy; but this isn’t history class. We’re talking about now.

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