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People aren’t meant to get married at 16 or Vintage Royal Powerwolf shirt even 18, I know because I had a kid and got pregnant at 16. My brain wasn’t even fully developed then and while I have taken great care of my daughter and been the best mother I possibly could as a teenager with postpartum, my marriage was another story. Either way, my generation has seen what happens to rush out of high school marriages they never last. And to those baby boomers telling us how fragile/stupid/whatever derogatory words you want to use.

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College isn’t inherently too soon for lifelong love. It depends on you and Vintage Royal Powerwolf shirt it depends on who you’re with and even the circumstances surrounding where you’re at in your college experience. Not taking time for yourself to live your life is cheating both yourself and potential partner. College-age people need more life experience before making life-long relationship commitments to others.

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I thought high school was too soon for Vintage Royal Powerwolf shirt lifelong love too. We went our separate ways but agreed that if we weren’t married in 10 years we would meet again. I got married 10 years later-but to someone else. I still have nothing but fond memories of my first love.

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