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Only because sausage dogs can have serious back problems such has slipped discs which can cause paralisation in The Beatles signature shirt lower body. The way she’s sitting is probably causing too much pressure on her lower back. I can imagine the daschund does this to gain more height, as having a very limited view of things above their eyes with a body carried by those very short legs.

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I’ve seen call it the same thing my mom and I did when we had our little Yorkshire terrier mix pup. We would tell her to The Beatles signature shirt and she would do it. Pretty sure this is most dachshund special talent. Most of the dachshunds I’ve loved can do this. We call it sit pretty.

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What’s not good for their backs is being The Beatles signature shirt to begin with. Humans bred them to be that way, and they’ve developed this habit for a reason! It probably relieves some pressure from their backs. Not that it would hurt, it’s just that in the long run, this, stairs, jumping, etc all do damage.

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