Star Wars Han Solo I know T shirt

I’m sure there are parts of the US, thinking smaller towns here, where social mores are stronger than in urban and title suburban cities, however. And it depends on if the person is still working. It’s not uncommon for over 60–70 year olds to continue working. As a woman in my late mid 70s, I dress how I want. I happen to like some of Chico’s clothing. That’s a predictable choice-Chicos is the middle and aged woman’s version of Forever 21. Colorful,stylish clothing. I also wear tie dye skirts, jeans, leggings and Bermuda shorts in the summer. Peasant style cotton tops, tee shirts, tunics and tank tops ( to show my tattoos off) when it’s warm. If you’re expecting senior women to wear turquoise pants suits and pearls, you’ve got us wrong. Except for Hillary Clinton.

I actually only buy one food in a box. A cereal I like a lot of title called Chix. Or is it Chex? In any case, dear, it’s spelled wrong. I guess the Girl Scouts Cookies would have to be counted as being in a box. But I only have them around this time of year. I like Thin Mints. I eat oatmeal for breakfast many days, collect eggs from my chooks (an old word for chickens). And stand in the yard most days throwing seeds and scraps to them saying “Here, chick , chick, chick. Here chick , chick, chick. “ I laugh loudly and embarrass my grand children, who call me Nana or Nans.

Star Wars Han Solo I know T shirt

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Star Wars Han Solo I know T shirt


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