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And if you had the nerve to bring in Ruben Foster – charges dropped in a Skull thats hearsay mega pint shirt abuse case, but carries a weapons charge and drug charges; you don’t know if or when the NFL will even ALLOW him to play again – but Kaepernick is what you consider a BAD GUY? You got bigger issues… So did the Redskins do the “right” thing? They did what they wanted to do. They took one gamble over another. There’s no guarantee Kaepernick was going to be the guy. But don’t feed me this baloney about Kaep isn’t in shape – a guy who hasn’t played an NFL game since 2012 is in NFL shape? Gimme a break. That argument doesn’t hold water. Foster is a thug. He will be in trouble again and out of the league in a couple of years. I have a tough time with that and giving leniency for that, over Kaep’s kneeling because he’s tired of seeing people (better humans than Foster…) get killed senselessly, and you want to make that known.

Skull thats hearsay mega pint shirt()

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