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Let’s take an easier example: Bill Walsh and Joe Montana. Montana was a Siouxsie And The Banshees Unisex T Shirt round pick, a guy who was outside the top 20 in most statistical categories his final year in college. Sure, he pulled out some great comeback wins, but he didn’t necessarily project as a great NFL prospect. But then Bill Walsh got him, taught him the West Coast Offense, and he became the greatest quarterback the league had ever seen. So, all credit to Bill, right? Of course not. Walsh worked with a lot of quarterbacks – Virgil Carter and Ken Anderson in Cincinnati, Steve DeBerg, Montana, Jeff Kemp and Steve Young in San Fran. He made all of them better, but only Joe became the greatest. So Brady and Bill? Well, it wasn’t Bill, he was and is a defensive guy. You can credit Dick Rehbein and Charlie Weis. Brady needed them to succeed, and he needed Belichick to decide to keep four quarterbacks on the roster in 2000. But Brady made Brady. If the Patriots had taken Tim Rattay in the sixth, as some people in the room wanted, we wouldn’t be talking about Rattay as being on the Mt. Rushmore of quarterback’s. And Belichick sure as hell wouldn’t have five rings as HC of the NEP.

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