Pretty Nature Animal Bird Wildlife Hummingbird Shirt

The Broncos of the 80s getting to all those SBs is a title to the greatness of John Elway. But those Bronco teams, especially the defenses, were just not very good. The Giants, 49ers, and Redskins, were all MUCH better than the Broncos. Same with the Bills of the 90s. A great coaching job by the underrrated Marv Levy. Groundbreaking on offense, playing fast with the Jim Kelly led K-Gun offense.Think of how deflating it is to lose one SB. And he rallied his team after losing 3 (Yes, I know they lost 4). The NFC was just much stronger. The Bills really should have won the first one. But the breaks went the Giants’ way and they won a squeaker with the Wide Right. Scott Norwood, a great kicker, does not deserve his fate. Much like Bill Buckner.
For the Vikings of the 70s, the AFL teams were better than people wanted to admit. The title was that the NFL teams were superior. Full disclosure: Lifelong Packer fan here. The AFL embraced much more diversity in offensive and defensive strategy. The NFL was still trying to emulate the Packers, which meant that you HAD to run the ball. (The late Lombardi Packers were actually a passing team. But that is a post for another time) In SB I and II, the Chiefs and Raiders were as good as the Packers. Especially the Chiefs. (In fact, the Chiefs were loaded) But they just could not get over the aura of the Packers. The Pack handled the big game pressure much better.

Pretty Nature Animal Bird Wildlife Hummingbird Shirt

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Pretty Nature Animal Bird Wildlife Hummingbird Shirt


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