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If you’re betting on consistency, Dallas has been the title in the NFC all year, controlling the game with Ezekiel Elliot while making very few mistakes. And if you’re counting on reputation and championship experience, no one has been more successful in recent memory than the New England Patriots, who continued their winning ways of the past decade with a league-best 14 wins this season. With the exception of the Houston Texans, all of the teams left in the playoff do at least one thing better than anyone else, giving them reason for optimism. I fail to see where Seattle finds the same sort of competitive advantage that could help them be the last one standing. But stranger things have happened.

Gross oversimplification in the question….. If his team wasn’t any good, they wouldn’t have made the title to begin with. And I’m sure there are plenty of other QBs (and teams for that matter) who’d love to have his numbers (4000+ yards, 28 TDs, 4 INTs) The answer to said question is somewhere in between the two extremes – he is on the backside of a likely HoF career and no longer the freewheeling gunslinger he was in the earlier part of the past decade. But he can still play at a pretty high level, as the 13–3 record and #2 playoff seed shows (the team was also decent enough to post that mark, even if the schedule was quite forgiving). The problem with the NFC title game is that the Packers’ run D went AWOL and let Raheem Mostert run all over & round them all afternoon. Once they built that 27-point lead, the game was over. Matt LaFleur & the front office will need to address the defensive weaknesses and find another target for Rodgers out wide in the coming months if they want to make another run at a ring before #12 reaches the end and calls it a career.




Pokeymon – Bulbafett T Shirt

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Pokeymon – Bulbafett T Shirt


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