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It costs more to be married. Insurance for Philadelphia Eagles Fly shirt a married couple with no kids is astronomical compared to a single person. Combine that with a large majority of millennials not being able to find gainful employment that offers benefits. You’re going to see a larger number of single millennials. The are both lucky to have insurance through employment. They have the choice to take individual plans. Some people don’t have that choice. And even still, I’m sure they took that option because it would have been much more expensive to take a family plan through either employer. My comment still stands.

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Maybe they have just seen too Philadelphia Eagles Fly shirt many relationships of older ones around them fall apart because they married too fast because they thought it was expected of them. I have seen bad matches and staying together for the wrong reason. I hate to hear younger ones being put down for their choices considering we were treated the same.

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Maybe it’s because they’ve grown up surrounded by broken marriages. Just Philadelphia Eagles Fly shirt within the people, I know personally in my generation, more come from divorced families than intact ones. Food for thought. It’s different for everyone. My husband and I both knew within days of our first date that we were meant for each other. We barely knew each other but the chemistry was undeniable. We got married less than a year later. We have a fantastic marriage and I don’t want to even imagine what my life would be like without him in it.

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