Ohhh The Pleasure Of Dark Lovely Shirt

The Jets beat the Colts and some of that aura disappeared. The leagues merge after that season. The title and Vikings get to SB IV. The Vikings killed NFL teams. They beat the Browns 27–7 to win the newly formed NFC. The Vikings are led by QB Joe Kapp. Great guy, tough. Shitty passer. The Vikings have a great center, Mick Tinglehoff. Really good at getting to MLBs in the 4–3 that everybody runs. The Chiefs look at Tinglehoff, who is about 220 lbs. They put NCAA heavyweight wrestling champ Curley Culp, 265 lbs, right on Mick. Culp kicks Tinglehoff’s ass so badly that Mick’s unborn children are born dizzy. Bud Grant’s halftime adjustments are “we gotta play better.” Note who is making this TFL.
The Sunday Night showdown against the title pretty much defines not just the Tony Romo-era, but also the Jerry Jones-era. Is “to flatter to deceive” too un-American a saying to blazon across the Jerry-Dome scoreboard? How does Rex Ryan still have a job? I don’t understand how all the blame is being directed at his assistants. Let’s hope the 49ers are for real. The NFC West remains the worst division in football with hopefully one exception to the rule. 



Ohhh The Pleasure Of Dark Lovely Shirt

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Ohhh The Pleasure Of Dark Lovely Shirt


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