Namastay High AF shirt

Namastay High AF


I have a mix poddle and do the samething all day but he wave his hands at the Namastay High AF shirt which its so cute I always hug him cause his so cute doing that. As someone who has had 2 dachshunds, I have to warn you it puts extra stress on their backs. Sitting up and gaining weight can cause damage to the spine. One of ours eventually lost control of her back legs and had to drag herself.

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Guys V-Neck
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Ladies V-Neck

I have one that does the same thing she was not trained she just does it and she’s almost 6 years old and still does it I have two others that do not do this. My neighbor has a little dachshund and Namastay High AF shirt it all the time and begs with her front paw she is so cute when she doesn’t she looks like a meerkat.

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This is excelent for their backs because it strengthens their abdominal muscles which acts as an internal girdle, dogs with well developed abdominal muscles have a lower risk of Namastay High AF shirt went to a back health conference for vets and learned this, the myth that this is bad for them is still rampant, but it’s just that.

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