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Ja Morant #12 Memphis Grizzlies signature t shirt

Relationships aren’t about money. People make the decision to be (and stay) together. The world is full of all kinds of Ja Morant #12 Memphis Grizzlies signature t shirt. Some don’t like, celebrate, or even know about Valentines Day. To some people it’s a huge big deal: to others, the idea that you don’t love someone if you don’t drop a bunch of cash one day a year (and presumably ignore them for the other 364) is offensive. It takes all kinds to make a world. If this were a relative of mine, I would be pretty concerned that she focuses on things like money and gifts as “proof” that her boyfriend doesn’t care about her. It sounds like she’s learned somewhere down the line that things are a substitute for love. That’s how addictions happen, when people decide that they will never have love and seek out drugs/food/sex/retail therapy as a substitute. The addiction then becomes so strong that they start looking for excuses to push people away … making SURE they don’t find love so they can keep feeding the addiction.

Ja Morant #12 Memphis Grizzlies signature t shirt()

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