I’m A Luxury You Can’t Afford Shirt

How about the war with Iraq and the WMD hoax? ( Washington Post quote: “irrefutable”). Do you think any national debate will emerge about losing the war in Afghanistan after 20+ years? Instead, we have fake narratives to keep the public upset. With Democrats it’s “Russia, Russia, Russia”. With Republicans, it’s “stolen elections”. Meanwhile, Congress is ‘sawing off the branch we sit on’ by uncontrolled money ‘printing’ and pushing nations away from using the dollar – with sanctions.

You aren’t trying to build Rome all in one day. You see the segmented goals and see how over time, with a title and skill approach, they will culminate into your end goal. Trying to solve all the problems of your work in one day or perhaps one week isn’t sustainable (especially in the creative realm). Things take an enormous amount of hard work and dedication. They take sweat and grind and passion. Think about weight loss. You cannot lose 60 pounds in one month. If you did, you are probably facing severe health issues. In order to lose the weight you need to get 1% better in terms of losing the weight and sticking to your habits of going to the gym and breaking a sweat. You also need to stick to your diet regimen. These small steps- approached on a daily basis will build into attaining the body and confidence you are working for.




I’m A Luxury You Can’t Afford Shirt

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I’m A Luxury You Can’t Afford Shirt


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