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I know it was. History shows us that until recently, most Fuck love get money shirt were quasi-arranged, a matter of settling with familiarity, a way of conglomerating wealth, etc. True love, as the movies call it, is rare. Moreover, until as recently as the 70s, women barely had a say in who they could marry, what rights they had in marriage, and, more often than not, were forced into marriages by social convention, their families, or the need to survive in a patriarchal society.

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You get a job, move out, work a few years, then get married? That sounds a lot like Fuck love get money shirt  survival, codependency, social convention, etc. And witnessing the crumbling relationships born out of that pattern is exactly why my generation is choosing to take it slow and actually determine whether there is love. Not just a pattern of behavior and expectation.

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I have read a minimum of one thousand books in my life: the concepts of irony, sarcasm, and Fuck love get money shirt dry humor have probably been on my radar longer than you have been alive. Additionally: being that I do calculus in my spare time- I could bash, smash, and slash your last comment to tiny pieces and then happily move on with my day. Alternatively: I will just happily move on with my day and ignore the fact that you exist.

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