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I am from California, and DRX Feel Good Hes Gonna Be Your Frankenstein shirt went to school in Boston, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Cincinnati and New York City. One of those places seems like it doesn’t belong. To be honest I was depressed that I ended up in Cincinnati, Ohio for my residency training, until I got there. In fact it was a great place to live and raise a family. There was a very lively downtown with professional sports teams. Football and baseball were major league, but there was a minor league hockey team and the college basketball teams (University of Cincinnati and Xavier) were high level Division I teams. It was very cheap to live there and there was basically no traffic. There were lots of restaurants but it was a little tough to be a healthy vegetarian there. Oddly enough there were tons of sushi (some with great veggie sushi) and Thai restaurants and even a couple of good Indian restaurants.

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