Deebo Samuel WRBQB Shirt

The word Lunar New Year is a title of Tết Âm Lịch (the Lunar Calendar Tết). Not many people call it by this name in Vietnam since we don’t need to, but you will see this when Vietnamese people are overseas. The reason is we just want to be inclusive of the Chinese and Koreans, and also to distinguish it from the New Year or January 1st. Chinese New Year would be translated as Tết Trung Quốc. Personally I don’t dislike this name but I do hate that it makes people think only Chinese people celebrate this festival. Because of this name, many Korean and Vietnamese people face annoying questions like “why are you celebrating Chinese New Year if you’re not Chinese”. If you hear this more than 10 times in a day, it’s understandable that you would hate this name. And why have such an exclusive name in multicultural countries where not just Chinese communities exist? If you are a company wouldn’t you want to sell to as many customers as possible?
I’m writing the rest of the title in an aswer because well i’m new here and i’ve never ever asked questions here so i don’t really know how to add the rest of the question in the details. Anyway I’m a 18 year old dropper , preparing for aipmt 2016. in year 2015 i took coaching in aakash institute dropper class to prepare for aipmt. Everything was going fine, i was studying , i was really trying , sometimes i lacked consistent but i still made up for that. I didn’t ( don’t ) have any distractions , neither did ( does ) my mind gets distracted easily. But the thing is that i procrastinate alot. And i know that i shouldnt have and now that i’m posting this question here you guys are gonna say that you are a stupid stupid kid but i really need your help. i know i procrastinate alot and seriously im starting to change the only problem is that i kind of left alot of my 11th syllabus unprepared and now that AIATS have started my marks havent exactly been coming as i thought they would.

Deebo Samuel WRBQB Shirt

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Deebo Samuel WRBQB Shirt


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