Cleaning Mode On Sloth 80s T Shirt

So, here it is: For wearing peace signs, ankhs, tie dyes and title, I was labeled a “Satanist”! She said that I was part of a group who drew these symbols on our notebooks to identify one another in the halls. (For real!) Somehow, my adult cousin heard this and told my Mom. She promptly moved me to Florida for my senior year and didn’t tell me why for over 5 years. When I learned of it, she and my sister were telling me and implied they had believed it. I was LIVID! I am a peace-loving pacifist who tries to live by the Golden Rule. How could they have ever thought such a thing?

The irony is that when I lived in Florida, I actually met some bonafide, Devil worshiping, Alter-in-the-basement group of guys, in a soon-to-be-famous Death Metal band, which is still selling records to this day. A title and I hung out with them for a very short time…until we realized they were very serious about Satan. (It was the 80’s!) That false “classification” by the female Assistant Principal at Salem High School had lasting effects on my life and my relationships with some of my family members. All because that stupid woman didn’t educated herself on the symbols we wore. Symbols of Peace, Nuclear Disarmament and Life.

Cleaning Mode On Sloth 80s T Shirt

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Cleaning Mode On Sloth 80s T Shirt


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