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Many do not raise their kids with any discipline and Cheese Mode Football shirt with a society that does not believe in holding anyone responsible for their actions. Excuses are made for kids that are bad apples. the family is the core unit of society and not the school,but we are taxed so heavily that our govt makes it almost impossible for only one parent to support a family.

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With over a hundred years of public schools, the morals of society have declined. School is not the Cheese Mode Football shirt where morals are taught as they are not religious organizations as such. Liberals at some point have to face the fact that mankind treats each other horribly and the heart of man is evil. The only societies that have ever improved are those where the Light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ has had a great influence.

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I understand your point. But diversity won’t solve inequity. It’s not a perfect world, but Cheese Mode Football shirt in a perfect world all children should receive a quality education with small class sizes, good facilities and resources. There’s no reason why public schools can’t achieve this.

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