Be my valentine T-Shirt

Be my valentine


There were months it caught me out. I often think that Be my valentine T-Shirt if any man, any randomly chosen man at all, had to endure just for one week what I endured from the time I was eleven to the time I was fifty one. The physical pain, the stress, the anxiety, the mess. The male half of the population would be a whole lot less misogynistic. The poor, dear, sensitive creatures wouldn’t be able to cope.

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Guys Shirt
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Guys V-Neck
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Ladies V-Neck

You are obviously one of those men grossed out by what happens naturally to Be my valentine T-Shirt almost every woman in her lifetime. I’m blessed to have a husband that will go buy my period products if I’m unable to get to the store to get them. I made both of my sons buy some for me when they were old enough to drive to the store by themselves.

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I had a misogynistic woman boss at my previous job. She wanted that Be my valentine T-Shirt all employees only go to the restroom on scheduled breaks only. I said fine, we should all wear cloth diapers that will stink like a zoo when they’re wet. Not every woman likes to use tampons and they are more expensive per use than pads.

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